The Thanksgiving Book for Concepts, Language, and Articulation
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A 106-page Autumn and Thanksgiving unit filled with charming illustrations and 21 fun speech and language activities for school-age children:

1. Thanksgiving Vocabulary Flashcards, Concept: Vocabulary Practice

2. Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe Games, Concept: Game Playing and Strategy, Vocabulary Review

3. Thanksgiving Happy Faces,

Concept: Following Directions, “Pointing to” Concepts, and Vocabulary

4. Thanksgiving “Match the Word”, Concept: Descriptive Language

5. Thanksgiving Rebus Story, Concept: Storytelling

6. Thanksgiving Synonyms, Concept: Synonyms

7. Drawing Thanksgiving, Concept: Following Directions, Spatial Concepts

8. Autumn Bingo, Concept: Strategy and Game Playing

9. Autumn “Fill-in-the-Blank” Sentences, Concept: Sentence Completion and Making Inferences

10. Autumn and Thanksgiving “Which One?” Questions, Concept: Answering WH-Questions

11. Autumn and Thanksgiving Rows, Concept: Differences and Similarities

12. Autumn and Thanksgiving Mixed-Up Stories, Concept: Story Sequencing

13. Autumn and Thanksgiving Sentence Strips, Concept: Sentence Expansion and Story Sequencing

14. Thanksgiving Dice Games, Articulation: R, S and Z

15. “Don’t Land on the _____” Games, Articulation: L, R, S, SH, and Z

16. Thanksgiving Patterns, Articulation: R and S

17. “Find a Thanksgiving Picture” Game, Articulation: R, S and Z

18. Autumn and Thanksgiving Four-Word Silly Sentences, Articulation: R, S and Z

19. Thanksgiving Poem, Articulation: R, S and Z

20. Autumn and Thanksgiving Tongue Twisters, Articulation: L, R, S, and TH

21. Autumn and Thanksgiving Story Builders, Articulation: R and S

22. Bonus Exercise - Thanksgiving Vocabulary: What Doesn't Belong

Great for homework!
This workbook is appropriate for ALL students, not just those that need speech and language drill. 
ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!
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The Thanksgiving Book for Concepts, Language, and Articulation

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