The Complete Stressed ER Book: Articulation & Language Manual
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The Complete Stressed ER Book is a 98-page speech therapy workbook written by Robynne Merrill, an internationally recognized author of speech therapy materials. The Complete Stressed ER Book provides a total course curriculum for the commonly misarticulated stressed “ER" sound that is geared to school-age children. Students begin with simple word repetitions of a core vocabulary and progress through increasingly complex vocabulary and language drills encompassing phrases, short sentences, complex sentences, question and answer drills, tongue twisters, simple stories, and longer rebus stories. This speech therapy workbook not only provides multiple speaking opportunities, it requires students to use thinking skills by incorporating the stressed “ER” in complex language activities. The materials also include pre- and post-tests that can be administered at any time during the therapy program to assess a student’s progress. The full color illustrations and activities are so engaging that students will stay focused and willingly participate during the entire therapy session. The manual will provide approximately four months of material for weekly therapy sessions. Normally, you can expect to pay $50 to $75 for a full color therapy manual, but the downloadable format allows us to offer The Complete Stressed ER Book for the affordable price of $10.00.

ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!

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The Complete Stressed ER Book: Articulation & Language Manual

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