Tongue Twisters for the SH, CH, TH, and L SOUNDS
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This book includes 168 charming yet challenging tongue twisters to help you drill the SH, CH, TH, and L sounds with your students.

Tongue twisters have long been in any speech therapist’s bag of tricks. Children love tongue twisters! They enjoy being able to say something fun and difficult all at the same time and they really delight in mastering a tongue twister to impress their friends. All of us can remember those tongue twisters from our childhood even to this day. If asked to complete “Peter Piper picked a…” or “Betty Botter had some butter, but said she this butter’s…” you probably could.

Tongue twisters are a great tool for helping students progress from the simple sentence level of their articulation program to more demanding speech activities such as storytelling, reading, and conversations. Mastering tongue twisters gives the students confidence in their ability to use their blossoming speech skills in more complex language activities as they work to achieve mastery and carry-over of their target phonemes.

 It only takes a few minutes of your time in the therapy room or outside your students’ classrooms for a quick daily lesson to have hem repeat one of the tongue twisters ten times. Also, children love to keep track of the number of times the tongue twister is said by crossing out the small pictures above each tongue twister.

Tongue twisters make terrific homework. Saying each tongue twister ten times daily provides home practice that is effective, but not too time-consuming or complex for parents or caregivers.

An additional but parallel bonus of using tongue twisters is the fun reading practice that any student may benefit from. The tongue twisters provide drill and memory practice in delightful ways for children. You may even want to tell reading specialists about this great resource for their students as well.

ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!

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Tongue Twisters for the SH, CH, TH, and L SOUNDS

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