Story Builders for the /R/ Sound: Articulation & Language Manual
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This 240-page workbook includes Story Builders encompassing the following /r/ sounds: initial /r/, medial /r/, /r/ blends, stressed vowel /r/, and unstressed vowel /r/. Story Builders are a series of eight individual sentences that culminate in a complex /r/ sound loaded story. Each of the eight sentences in a particular story can stand on its own; however, when combined, these individual sentences add layer upon layer of meaning until the final sentence in the series completes the story. The stories are colorful, funny, sometimes absurd, and always delightful for children. Students don’t mind repeating these sentences over and over again.

These Story Builders are an excellent activity for those articulation students who are at the sentence stage of their speech program and are ready to progress to reading and storytelling while using their good /r/ sound. This program is also a bridge and a little nudge for those students who are about to enter the conversation level of therapy.

At the end of each individual story is a 20-item Teacher Lesson Plan. These lesson plans add a significant amount of practice drill that is also engaging and fun for the student. Each lesson plan asks 10 questions about the story and includes an additional 10 items that require the student to repeat sentences, describe pictures, follow concept directions, and re-tell the story from memory.

These Story Builders are easy to use, require little preparation, can be completed in 10-15 minutes, and are great for individual or group therapy sessions. They are also easy and appropriate materials to send home for your students and their caregivers to practice together.

ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!

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Story Builders for the /R/ Sound: Articulation & Language Manual

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