How to Teach the /S/ Sound
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Need materials too help teach the /S/ sound to your students? Our 55-page workbook has exercises designed to get students practicing the /-ts/ sound using simple word drills. Then, the students progress to transitioning from the /-ts/ sound to the initial /s/ sound using words, phrases, and longer sentences. Affordably priced at $5!

Below is a complete list of activities:
1. Introduction/Instructions
2. /-ts/ Rhyming Word Articulation Drills
3. Vocabulary Flashcards
4. /-ts/ "Which One Doesn't Belong?" Exclusion Concepts
5. /-ts/ "Patterns" Word Drills
6. /-ts/ "Mixed-Up Number Chase" Word Drill
7. /-ts/ "Mixed-Up Alphabet Chase" Word Drill
8. /-ts/ Transition to Initial /S/ Word Drills
9. You've Been Skunked!
10. You've Been Spooked!
11. /-ts/ Transition to Initial /S/ Three and Four-Word Phrases
12. /-ts/ Transition to Initial /S/ Sentence Drills
13. /-ts/ Transition to Initial /S/ Sentences
14. Choose Your Favorite Ending to the /-ts/ Transition to Initial /S/ Sentences

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How to Teach the /S/ Sound

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