Following Directions witth the R, S, Z SOUNDS
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"Following Directions” is a versatile and fun therapy program that includes picture worksheets and corresponding quick speech drill phrases, “following directions” concept lessons, games/activities, and homework activities designed to enhance listening skills, increase knowledge of concepts, and improve articulation for a broad range of students:

-Articulation-impaired students in grades two through six

-Students with delayed vocabulary skills

-Students who are experiencing difficulty following directions because of poor auditory memory or attending skills

-Developmentally delayed students in middle school and beyond

This 379-page workbook is very affordably priced at $20.

ALL materials provided in PDF format only which makes them conveniently available for immediate download and use on your tablet, laptop, or computer!

  • Item #: FD-RSZ-2013-1

Following Directions witth the R, S, Z SOUNDS

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