Animal Rhyming Goodbye Door Signs
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Have fun saying goodbye to your students with these fun signs that can be placed on your classroom or therapy room door. You and your students can say one or more of the sign rhymes to each other after a therapy session has ended. It is a delightful and endearing way to say goodbye while practicing articulation, rhyming, and language skills. Try hanging up one or two signs each week for variety. Included below are the following signs.

1. See you later alligator

2. After a while crocodile

3. See you soon big baboon

4. Have a laugh giraffe

5. Out the door dinosaur

6. Take care polar bear

7. Stay loose bull moose

8. Hit the road spotted toad

9. Gotta go buffalo

10. You’re out of here white tailed deer

11. I’m heading south cottonmouth

12. Bye-Bye dragonfly

13. Until then, my little hen

14. “Toodles!” Mr. Poodle

15. Time to bail snail

16. Time to squirm wiggle worm

17. So long King Kong

18. Stay sweet parakeet

19. Too-da-loo kangaroo

20. Blow a kiss goldfish

21. Time to scoot little newt

22. Hasta manana iguana

23. Ciao Ciao brown cow

24. Better shake rattlesnake

25. Farewell gazelle

26. Gotta bolt colt

27. That’s all for me queen bee

28. Go Go dodo

29. Gotta jet ferret

30. Peace out rainbow trout

31. Time to go hippo

32. Nice talkin’ dolphin

33. You should scat cat

34. Next time porcupine

35. Good luck duck

36. Head on back hairy yak

37. Back to your house mouse

38. Give a hug ladybug

39. Best wishes little fishes

40. Time to flee bumblebee

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Animal Rhyming Goodbye Door Signs

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