Animal Flaschards - Illustrated and Photos
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UPDATE: We have added nearly 50 pages that include animal habitats and suggested activities for using the flashcards. An updated extended preview will be available soon.


This fun unit includes a total of 462 flashcards! There are two sets of flashcards for each of the following: 
-ocean animals


These flashcard sets include an illustrated representation of the “animals” as well as a realistic photo rendering of the animals.


These flashcards may be presented electronically to the students on an iPad or laptop, or they may be printed, cut apart, laminated and organized into sets.


Younger children may respond more to the illustrations whereas the older students will most likely want to use the photo cards. However, the illustrations and photos may be used interchangeably to help students recognize, point to, match, or name both types of flashcards.


This workbooks also includes animal habitats and activities designed to help students learn which animals live in various habitats.
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Animal Flaschards - Illustrated and Photos

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