2015 Speech and Language Activities from our Monday Downloads
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This is a compilation of our 2015 speech and language activities that were osted every Monday on our site. There are 33 activities included in the 117-page compilation:

1. Rabbit Rebus Story: Initial R Articulation
2. Tongue Twisters for the R and S Sounds
3. Story Builder for All Positions of Vowel+R
4. Valentine “If and Then” Sentences
5. St. Patrick’s Day Green Things “Which One is Different?”
6. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun “Who?” Questions
7. St. Patrick’s Day Limericks
8. First or Last Scrambled Stories: Final S Sound
9. Three-Sentence Scrambled Stories: Final S Sound
10. The “Slap” Game: Initial S Sound
11. The Ten Little Seals Poem: Initial S Sound
12. Fill-in-the Blank Sentences: Initial SH and CH Sounds
13. Initial R and S Silly Sentences
14. Spring Vocabulary: Mixed-Up Number/Alphabet Chase
15. Who/Which Questions: Vowel+R Sounds
16. Choose Your Favorite Ending: S-Blend Sound
17. My Concepts Bookcase
18. Answering “Where Do They Work?” Questions
19. CH Vocabulary Flashcards
20. Claire and Her Shoes: Pronoun Practice
21. Final Consonant Deletion: Part 1
22. Can You Rhyme? Part 1
23. Autumn Yes/No Questions: Early Language Learners
24. Tanner and His Halloween Costume: Pronoun Practice
25. SH Vocabulary Flashcards
26. Yes or No Rhyming
27. “What Doesn’t Belong?” Thanksgiving Vocabulary
28. Final Consonant Deletion: Part 2
29. Can You Rhyme? Part 2
30. Teaching the S-Sound Sampler
31. Initial S 60-Second Quizzes
32. Ellen and Elmer Elf: Pronoun and L-Sound Practice
33. Christmas Questions and Inferences

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2015 Speech and Language Activities from our Monday Downloads

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