2013 Speech and Language Activities from our Monday Downloads
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This is a compilation of our 2013 speech and language activities we posted every Monday on our site. There are 41 activities included in this 134-page compilation:

  1. Initial K Sentences: Kelly loves to see the (fill in the blank with a K word)
  2. Initial S Warm-Ups: Using the T, D, N, and S Sound
  3. Initial R Poem: The Ten Little Rabbits
  4. Initial SH Drill: Shave or Save? Shoe or Sue? Ship or Sip?
  5. Concept: First/Last
  6. Final “ts” Words: The Left-Right-Up or Down Game
  7. A Mixed-Up Fairytale: Put the Words in Each Sentence in Order
  8. “Would You?” Questions
  9. Medial S Tic-Tac-Toe Games
  10. L Rhymes
  11. True or False?
  12. S Blend Flashcards
  13. Pointing: Concept Practice (i.e., last, every, some, none, instead, etc.)
  14. L Blend Questions
  15. It Belongs: Association Concepts
  16. It Doesn’t Belong: Association Concepts
  17. Initial S Concepts: Always/Never
  18. Compare It: Size Comparisons/Comparative Adjectives
  19. Unstressed ER: Asking WH-Questions
  20. Comparisons: Comparative Adjectives
  21. Silly Story: Cinderella
  22. Unstressed ER: Answering WH-Questions
  23. Clown Around: Following Directions/Spatial Concepts
  24. Initial L Mixed-Up Stories: Story Sequencing
  25. Is It True?: Always and Not Always Concepts
  26. Silly Story: Goldilocks
  27. Initial SH Practice: Ship or Sip? Sheep, See, or Sea?
  28. Initial K Sentences: Describe what Kenny can and can NOT eat
  29. Halloween Rhymes for the S and CH Sounds
  30. Halloween Rows: Which One Is Different?
  31. Halloween Flashcards
  32. Halloween Tongue Twisters for the R sound
  33. Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Games
  34. Thanksgiving Tongue Twisters for the R and TH Sounds
  35. Thanksgiving Flashcards
  36. Christmas Sentences for All Positions of K: What Calvin can and can NOT hang on the Christmas tree?
  37. Christmas Rows: Which One Is Different?
  38. Snowman Poems
  39. Christmas Tongue Twisters for the R, S, L, and SH Sounds
  40. Christmas Flashcards
  41. Christmas Traditions: True or False
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2013 Speech and Language Activities from our Monday Downloads

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